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Koala Eco Award Winning Products


Editor's Choice Award at the 2021 Organic Beauty Awards

"The Eco-Choice Award is for All of the Koala Eco range. From the first time I used their products, I was blown away by the natural essential oil aromas & how well these products worked to clean tough grime & freshen the kitchen, bathroom & home. Not only do these products look stunning, they actually work better than conventional products that don't disclose the chemicals they use. I can trust that every single ingredient used to formulate Koala Eco products are safe & natural, this is so important to me as living with asthma & allergies means keeping the home & office clean but most importantly, I have to avoid harsh artificial chemicals as they are known to trigger asthma & allergies. Artificial fragrances, in particular, trigger my asthma & itchy skin patches, knowing that Koala Eco only uses essential oils means a safe & happy cleaning experience, Koala Eco products have allowed me to enjoy cleaning! I love that using their products is pure therapy, eucalyptus & tea tree are proven to support the lungs by opening the airways & eliminating bacteria that is also the source of asthma & allergies. These products are faultless & effortless to use." —Amina Kitching, Editor, Organic Beauty Award.

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