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808 Dude Clear Skin, Spot Free Gel 20ml (x 1 unit) DUDE103

$19.30 RRP

dude needs to suffer from unsightly breakouts any more because we have created 808 Dude Clear Skin, Spot Free Gel to take the pimple angst out of adolescence.

Spots literally heal and disappear over night with this unique non-sticky gel made with a high grade Australian Manuka honey.

The special combination of 35% 600+ MGO grade antibacterial Manuka honey combined natural Vit E and essential oils of Tamunu Seed oil with its unique ability to promote the formation of new tissue, SeaBuckthorn Berry oil known for its anti-acne properties, Argan Kernal oil with its anti-inflammatory and anti-free radical activity and Immortelle with its pain reducing ability combines together to make this a truly unique and active spot-healing product.

We worked tirelessly on the formula to make sure you didn’t attract bees or bears even though it does smell good enough to eat.