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Alkira Purifying Facial Masque 100g (x 1 unit) ALK106

$17.95 RRP

Our Purifying Facial Masque helps absorb toxins and impurities and re-energises the appearance of a tired and dehydrated complexion.

An essential fatty acid and antioxidant rich Australian native complex of Lilly Pilly, Desert Lime and Kangaroo Paw – delivers triple duty beauty by hydrating, protecting and clearing the complexion by delivering:
•Flavone Glycosides and Ferulic Acid - potent antioxidants to fight free radical damage and protect skin
•Naturally occurring natives rich in vitamin C and AHA’s to reveal clear skin
•Essential fatty acids and phytonutrients to strengthen the skin’s barrier and lock in moisture.

Combine this with oil absorbing Kaolin clay to purify and enriched with complexion correcting Nettle and Horsetail, this mask will clarify and clear skin.

A uniquely formulated, multifunctional masque formulated to purifying, correct and clarify.