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Allan K Suttons My Colloidal Spray 200ml (x 1 unit) MYCS100

$16.20 RRP

Skin problems: Spray frequently as you like for minor problems, such as rashes, acne, abrasions, minor burns, sunburn, insect bites. For hemorrhoids or burning bottom due to hot, spicy foods or over frequent toilet trips colloidal silver applied to the area will bring rapid relief.

Major Skin Problems: For deeper wounds, ulcers and burns it is best to cover the wound in a dressing saturated in Colloidal Silver. Apply fresh dressing daily.

Eyes: spray a fine mist frequently. Eyes are often red and sore for many reasons. On holidays especially, eyes suffer from the effects of such things as plane travel, air conditioning, to much sun, salt or chlorine water. In daily life eyes suffer from allergies, air born infections such as conjunctivitis, and the effects of home or office heating and cooling. Eyes will respond well to regular spraying with an atomizer for soothing relief and prevention.

Ears, nose and throat: You can effectively deal with all these areas by spraying or using