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Anna's Wild Yam 100g 20% Discount (x 1 unit) ANN100 DS

$49.95 RRP

100 Grams of premium quality Enriched High potency Wild Yam Cream packed in glass jars and vacuum sealed for your protection.
Anna's Wild Yam Cream was first formulated and tested in the latter months of 1996, and launched in February of 1997. It was one of the first professionally blended wild yam creams on the Australian market. Our specifications called for the use of the highest quality ingredients available, and our initial successful formula has not been altered since 1996.
Located in the country our overheads are lower and these savings have funded the premium quality ingredients used, allowing us to maintain an as affordable pricing structure as is possible,whilst our compliance costs remain high as Anna's is Listed as a natural medicine with the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA). Because Anna's contains hormone specific nutrients and no man made hormones, it is perfectly safe for you to use.