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Bak Physio Back Roller (x 1 unit) BAKBR

$19.95 RRP

We slouch all day when sitting in the office which leads to back pain. The BakRoller is portable and affordable and is the perfect tool to extend the spine to reverse these negative effects of slouching which can relieve back pain.

It is optimal to use the BakRoller in conjunction with the BakBalls, with the BakRoller providing a general stretch, while the BakBalls provides a specific joint treatment.

The BakRoller has been specifically designed to fit in handbags and backpacks at just 15cms long and 10cms in diameter whilst just as effective as a large foam roller.

The foam roller is perfect to use on the spine (both cross ways and long ways along the spine) but also other body such as:
1. Iliotibial Band (ITB)
2. Quads
3. Hamstrings
4. Calf Muscles
5. Gluteals
6. Plantar fascia

By using your body weight to roll over the BakRoller the pressure helps break up any soft-tissue adhesions and speed up the healing and recovery process after a workout.