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Blessed By Nature Antibacterial Hand Cream 60ml 50% Disc (x 1 unit) BLESS22 DS

$11.95 RRP

Perfect to use after a hand sanitiser (it is important to let alcohol hand sanitiser sink into skin for one minute to be effective) to rehydrate the skin in a non-greasy, moisturising, vegan formula. Fragranced with Lemon myrtle oil for a clean and refreshing aroma.
Active ingredient Benzalkonium chloride helps to protect your skin by making the formula antibacterial and antimicrobial, stopping the growth and reproduction of microorganisms throughout the day.
Use of a hand cream to maintain skin integrity is also critically important for hand hygiene and care, to prevent cracking and splitting of dry skin, providing entry points for microbes, and painful skin becomes a deterrent to hand washing.