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Blessed By Nature Certified Organic Rosehip Oil 20ml (x 1 unit) BLESS20

$19.95 RRP

Blessed by Nature Wild Harvested Organic Rosehip Oil 20ml.
Suitable for All Skin Types
Wild Harvested Organic Rosehip Oil is designed to help restore skin with anti-oxidants, essential fatty acids and vitamins.
Our Rosehip Oils is a wild harvested, organic oil that provides the purest of experiences.
Minimal scent with fast absorption make it a delight to use. Its natural healing qualities help hydrate and calm even sensitive skin whilst helping skin repair and regenerate itself.
Improves skin texture and tone and helps protect against the signs of premature ageing.
Hydrates and calms sensitive skin
Helps repair and regenerate skin tissues
Helps improve skin texture and protect against premature ageing

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