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Cheeki 600ml Insulated Classic Bottle -Pistachio (x 1 unit) CB5205

$39.95 RRP

•36 hours cold insulation
•24 hours hot insulation
•No plastic touching your water

The newly designed Classic series of Cheeki water bottles have been redesigned from the ground up. They are sturdier than the original series and have superior designed lids. They are available in a variety of sizes with and without insulation.

This bottle is vacuum insulated with 2 layers of stainless steel, giving you up to 36 hours of cold insulation and up to 24 hours of hot insulation. One of the reasons for the superior insulation times of the Cheeki bottles is the screw lid that comes standard with each bottle (pictured). Not only is the bottle insulated, but the lid is too. Most of the heat or chill that leaves insulated products escapes through the lid, as they're not usually insulated. This one is.

The underside of the insulated screw lid has a silicone base which means there's no plastic touching your drink. The carry loop is stainless steel and easily swings around. Use it to carr