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Comvita Propolis Tincture Extra Strength 25ml (x 1 unit) AUS228

$37.95 RRP

Comvita Propolis Tincture helps to support and maintain a healthy immune system and is traditionally used to assist in the management of minor wounds and skin disorders.

Propolis is created by bees from natural resin produced by trees as part of their defence system. Honeybees collect the resin, mix in beeswax and enzymes, and use it to protect the hive. Propolis contains a range of bioflavonoids with well known antibacterial and antioxidant properties.

Comvita's Propolis Tinctures are made from the highest quality propolis in an alcohol base.

How to Use Propolis Tincture:

External Use
•Minor wounds and skin disorders - you can topically apply on wound or affect areas, or you can apply the propolis tincture on dressing and apply on wound. Related products - Medihoney.

Internal Use
•Sore throats or Mouth Ulcers - Add 6-12 drops of Propolis Tincture in water and gargle and/or swallow.
•ForAntioxidants - add 6-12 drops of Propolis Tincture with healthy tea of your choice