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Dentafix Dental Cement Temporary Filling Repair 8g (x 1 unit) DENT100

$14.95 RRP

What is Dentafix Filling Repair?
Dentafix Filling Repair is a temporary dental cement for emergency
dental care at home, to fill cavities as a result of lost fillings. Sets in
contact with oral moisture after two minutes. Wait 1 hour before eating.
Why use it?
• Fills cavities temporarily.
• Helps with pain relief.
• Easy to use.
How long can it be used before I see a dentist?
We recommend using Dentafix Filling Repair up to 4 weeks only whilst
you seek an appointment with your dental professional to repair your
tooth properly.
How hard it is to remove and will it cause any damage?
Dentafix is easily removed by your dentist without causing any damage to the cavity or tooth at your