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Dentagenie Dental Brush Teal Size 3 -12 pk (x 1 unit) DENT063

$5.95 RRP

What is an interdental brush?
An interdental brush is a teeny tiny toothbrush created to thoroughly clean the space between teeth known as the interproximal space. Effective cleaning of this area protects against periodontal disease such as cavities, bad breath, gum disease by removing food debris and plague (which in turn reduces adult tooth loss by 70%).
Soft, wire coated bristles - gentle to protect, firm enough to get the job done!
Handycap - to protect bristles between uses... fresh!
Earth Lovin’ - made of a proprietrary blend of corn starch and plastic.
Comfy grip - easy to hold and control... ace!
Paying it forward - for every pack sold, 20c is donated to Youngcare to help someone else smile :)
Take it easy - if you feel undue pressure, move down a size!