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Enviro Care Intensive Hair Treatment Silicone Free 200ml (x 1 unit) ENIHT0200 DS

$11.05 RRP

Silicone, sulphate & palm oil free
Suitable for most hair types
Plant based cellulose supports the hair in establishing a healthy structure and gives it natural shine and bounciness & nourish and hydrate the hair, regular use promotes healthier hair
Replacing silicone with plant based cellulose reduces the build up of silicone allowing products to nourish hair follicles
Turmeric and fenugreek aid with circulation in the scalp and benefit scalps with dandruff present
Apricot, jojoba, coconut and mandarin oil have protective and moisturising qualities
Put on hair after shampooing with envirocare Silicone Free Shampoo, wrap head in hot towel and leave until cool, repeat and rinse
Makes combing or brushing hair easier with out weighing it down as silicone based hair treatment's may
Biodegradable, grey water safe