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Enviro Clean Fruit & Veg Wash 500ml (x 1 unit) ENFV500

$8.70 RRP

No phosphates No chlorine No animal testing Readily Biodegradable surfactants AST4351 Septic & Sewerage safe No Palm Oil Recommended for washing conventional and organic produce. Removes soiling, manures, fertlisers, waxes, herbicides and pesticides from surface of fruit and vegetables. Follow directions on label for better storage of produce. Removes wax, pesticides, gases, herbicides, chemicals, animal soiling and dirt Keeps fruit and vegetables in peak condition Very concentrated 2 to 3 drops to half a sink of water Once vegies are washed, pat dry and store in a cool dry place. Wrapping in kitchen paper or brown paper bags extends the life of fruit and vegies The very first product Dr. Ivy Bullen recommends to cancer patients (GP in Western Australia)