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Euca Dishwasher Powder Peppermint Refill 8kg (x 1 unit) EUCADWPP8

$81.95 RRP

Fresh “Blast” of peppermint through your kitchen with each wash .. leaves you Dishwasher smelling of pure Mint …mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

100% soluble and Bio degradable

Natural Peppermint has deodorising and cleaning power

No added fillers or chlorine

Tough on grease and grime with a rinse aid added

Commercial grade

Use less per wash – costs less overall

Known to clean and protect the inside of your dishwasher

Compatible with all standard dishwashing machines

Deodorises and sanitises

Does not contain fillers which are known to stay inside your dishwasher

No Animals Harmed to make Euca – We Love all animals

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