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Euca Lemon Myrtle Laundry Powder 8kg Refill box (x 1 unit) EUCALPLEM8

$59.00 RRP

Euca Laundry Powder now with new Essential oils, in the most ecological packaging we currently have.

Euca is well renowned for using Eucalyptus in nearly all Euca products. That’s where Euca comes from, short for Eucalyptus.

The team at Euca are also aware that there are some great alternatives in essential oils that not only perform as well as Eucalyptus, but offer a unique change in fragrance for those that do not prefer Eucalyptus.

Tested, and tested again to make sure all the key points of the original Eucalyptus Euca Laundry powder is met or surpassed . Exceptional cleaning, 100% soluble, grey water and septic system safe, ecologically friendly, contains no nasties to upset allergy sufferers and as always will clean and look after your washing machine.