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Euca Pre Wash Stain Remover 15lt Eco Bag in Box (x 1 unit) EUCASR15

$66.00 RRP

A new generation environmentally friendly natural cleaning product extremely effective in dissolving all kinds of soils, carbon, oils and greases. Made from Citrus and Eucalyptus, it is a blend free from any harsh chemicals.

Will not affect colours, patches, rubber or plastics.
Removes stubborn soils and stains.
NO Nasties
NO Fillers.
Suitable for septic, bio and greywater systems. Safe to use in modern sewage treatment systems and traditional septic systems.
This blend is safe on work logos, fluro gear, patches, rubber, and plastic. A light spray is all that is necessary on stains before popping them into the washing machine. For heavier stains, pour a small amount in a sink and soak for a short time before wash.