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Euca Soft Wash Delicates & Wool Laundry Detergent 15lt (x 1 unit) EUCASW15

$132.99 RRP

An Australian made, premium blend, natural soap-based concentrate laundry liquid. Was previously known as Wool Wash, but is so much more useful than just pigeon holing it for wool only.

Use Soft Wash as your secondary washing aid for all delicates, blankets, towels and doona’s. The natural soap formula makes it perfect for hand washing and soaking as well as using in your machine.

Be sure to always follow the washing guides for the fabrics being cleaned.

Unlike other wool wash products, Euca Soft Wash doesn’t strip lanolin from your woollens, destroying its water protection and ability to warm or cool. We made Soft Wash using Australian Eucalyptus oil and like other Euca products, it is also suitable for bio, septic and greywater system safe.

It takes couple of days to make a soft wash blend, it’s a good old fashioned soap cleaner.

A low allergenic blend for those with sensitive skin makes it perfect for the whole family.