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Euca Sprinkle Powder Degreaser 8kg (x 1 unit) EUCASP8 Z

$65.00 RRP

Scrubbing grease off the floors is a mountainous task. But thanks to Sprinkle Powder you no longer have to endure such labour. Sprinkle is designed to remove grease from floors, walls and anything in between. It is made to be used through triple interceptor oil and grease removal systems. With its powerful formulation, it can make the worst degreased floor looking like new concrete again.
Sprinkle is formulated with the power of citric acid and orange peel oil. These are powerful enough to lift the grease off your floors and walls. Unlike most liquid degreasers that contain surfactant, which makes the solution foamy and slippery without having enough cleaning power, Sprinkle is a concentrated powder.