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Euca T/Tree & L/ Myrtle Dish Washing Liquid 15lt (x 1 unit) EUCADL15

$99.00 RRP

A concentrated formula infused with Natural Tea Tree Oil and Lemon Myrtle that is tough on grease and biodegradable!

A concentrated formula means you will use less and save money.

No added synthetic perfumes.
Added rinse aid for spot-free drying.
Ideal on glass, metal surfaces and other hard surfaces.
Can also be used as a general all-purpose cleaner for your home, office or workshop.
Blended with the added anti-bacterial property of Phenoxyethanol.
Suitable for septic, bio and greywater systems. Safe to use in modern sewage treatment systems and traditional septic systems.
It may seem odd, but our Dishwashing Liquid can also be used elsewhere. As a cleaner, it removes grease and grime easily, dries to a non-slip finish and also leaves a lovely clear shine on surfaces. It is a perfect multi-purpose cleaner.