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Gemma Vendetta BB/CC Cream 30g No 1 - Yellow Base Light (x 1 unit) GV200

$24.95 RRP

Gemma Vendetta BB/CC Cream is a comprehensive all-rounder and a makeup kit staple. The BB (Beauty Balm) ingredients gently hydrate and condition the skin, while the CC (Colour Correction) elements effectively even out skin tone. Buildable, yet light and breathable, this talented all-star is perfect as a pre-foundation primer. However it can also be used alone for a flawless, lightweight, naturally dewy complexion. Non-comedogenic properties mean it won't clog pores, making it suitable for all skin types. Acne and Rosacea sufferers will rejoice with this makeup as the ingredients incorporated in our products assist in the healing of broken out skin without drying. Gemma Vendetta's BB/CC Cream contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, both of which are reputed to help soothe skin. Gemma Vendetta products contain no ingredients that are known to cause irritation, and may actually help to heal your skin, whilst hiding post-surgery, and/or post-laser treatments.