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Gemma Vendetta Trio Concealer Wheel (x 1 unit) GV800

$24.95 RRP

100% Accredited vegan + cruelty free by Choose Cruelty Free. Suitable for all genders. 1) GREEN (COUNTERACTS PURPLE/RED/DARK CIRCLES/BRUISES) 2) LIGHT (TRY UNDER THE EYES FOR A LIGHT, BRIGHT REFLECT) 3) LIGHTEST (TRY THROUGH THE T-ZONE FOR HIGHLIGHTING AND SLIMMING OF THE NOSE) 4) USE WHEREVER NEEDED TO COVER ANY UNWANTED PIGMENTATION Use underneath your BB/CC Cream for full coverage, then dust with your Pressed Mineral Foundation. Acne and Rosacea sufferers will rejoice with this makeup as the ingredients incorporated in our products assist in the healing of broken out skin without drying. Gemma Vendetta's BB/CC Cream contains titanium dioxide and zinc oxide, both of which are reputed to help soothe skin. Gemma Vendetta products contain no ingredients that are known to cause irritation, and may actually help to heal your skin, whilst hiding post-surgery, and/or post-laser treatments.