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Globite Explorer Neck Pillow - Grey (x 1 unit) GBH015-GREY

$19.95 RRP

This ultra comfortable and lightweight neck pillow is perfect for supporting your head and neck whilst travelling. Our soft and supportive polyester filling retains its shape. The snap button will help keep the pillow in place when you're catching those much needed zzz's, and the handy loop makes it easy to hang or store your pillow. Product Features: •High grade filling for superior strength and comfort
•Wear forwards, backwards or as a pillow
•Made of travel-friendly polyester microfibre
•Loop for easy hanging
•Light and comfortable
•Soft warming plush fleece on top and smooth elastane blend fabric underneath
•Built-in button snap closure allows you to fasten the pillow to your neck
•Use while travelling in the Car, Bus, Train or Airplane or while watching TV or reading a book
29cmH x 32cmW x 9cmD

150 grams