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Globite Luggage Weighing Scale - (min qty 4) (x 1 unit) GBB016-WHITE-0DS

$18.95 RRP

Avoid costly overweight charges at the airport with this Globite luggage weighing scale. This handy scale allows you to weigh and check the dimensions of your luggage prior to travelling. As this scale doesn't require batteries, you can pack into your checked-in luggage without any security issues.

•Measures weight in both kg and lb
•Measure up to 35kg/80lb
•Retractable measuring tape
•Measures length in both cm and inches
•Measures up to 1 meter
•Compact design - Handle slides in/out, hook packs away on the back

12.5cmH x 10cmW x 3.5cmD

164 grams

1.Set black hand to 0
2.Using the handle and hook, lift up luggage off the ground
3.Sit luggage back down, the black hand will remain at the weight measured
4.Read the measured load of the black hand in either kgs or lbs
5.Be sure to reset black hand to 0 before weighing again