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Globite Silicone Ear Plugs - 1 Pair (min qty 4) (x 1 unit) GBH049-BLUE

$13.95 RRP

Globite premium quality Silicone Ear Plugs with their handy carry case and pressure-reducing functionality are perfect for those that like to optimise their rest, naturally on long-haul flights. With their silicone construction, these little ear plugs are big on durability and are designed to last. Hit the skies with a more relaxed outlook, with these easy-to-use ear plugs, ideal for travel or keep on hand at home for blocking out the noise of not-so-neighbourly late night parties.

Key Features:

Reduces air pressure
BPA free
Small holes allow the ear to breathe
Comfortable over long periods of time

2.4cmL x 1.5cmW

1.92 grams