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Handsome Men's Skincare Facial Wash 125ml Tube (x 1 unit) HAN07

$19.95 RRP

A zesty citrus blend containing natural anti-ageing ingredients Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E and full of essential oils to keep your face clean, fresh and handsome the facialwash was developed to cover the skin easily with a light lather and wash off fast with no residual.
Cleansing morning and night helps remove excess oils and grime from the skin, unclogs pores and helpsthe skin breathe better.
Key Ingredients: Organic Ylang Ylang–Antiseptic
Bergamot –Anti-inflammatory
Bitter Orange –Calms oily skinSuitable for: All Skin Types
Directions: Apply to wet face, work in circles until lathered and rinse well. Dry with towel. Avoid contact with eyes. Use once or twice daily.