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Koala Eco All Natural Stainless Steel & Chrome Cleaner 500ml (x 1 unit) KOALA102

$14.95 RRP

Made with pure Australian peppermint essential oil. Most supermarket steel cleaners are toxic mixes of mineral oil and solvents. Koala Eco’s steel cleaner is non-toxic and polishes and protects your stainless steel and chrome-plated surfaces with natural ingredients. The fresh minty aroma adds a zing to your kitchen appliances.

Koala Eco is a new range of cleaning products which uses high concentrations of essential oils from Australian native plants and naturally derived, biodegradable cleaning agents such as vinegar and bicarbonate of soda.

Koala Eco products are designed to energise your spirits as well as clean your home. The uplifting fragrances of eucalyptus, native peppermint, lemon myrtle and mandarin leave your home with the wonderful scent of the Australian bushland and their stylish, pretty labels mean you don’t have to hide them in the cupboard.

The range is made in Australia and all of the ingredients are locally sourced. The plastic bottles and lids are made from