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Luvme Eco Plant Wipes 80 Pack - Carton of 12 (x 1 unit) LME125

$5.95 RRP

Going plant-based has never been more affordable than our eco plant wipes. A gentle formula to cleanse hands, face and body. Using our signature blend of aloe vera and vitamin e for gentle non-irritating nourishment of the skin, and purified water to keep the wipes moistened for longer.

Eco Plant wipes are biodegradable and organic. We have taken into consideration the earth and environment by using ethical practices and production to offer you a superb 100% natural wipe.

Plant fibre creates a durable and strong wipe, yet soft and absorbent. Plants form the critical baseline in nearly all ecosystems. It makes sense that our bodies are connected.

100% Plant fibre
100% Biodegradable
100% Compostable
100% All natural ingredients
New Zealand purified water
Off grid manufacturer in NZ
Natural Soybean
No plastic
No alcohol or fragrances
Soft and strong
Dermatologically tested
20cm x 16cm