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Mingle Seasoning Greek Garlic Lovers 45g (x 1 unit) MING208

$5.95 RRP

MINGLE'S GREEK GARLIC LOVERS SEASONING is a tangy garlic-y seasoning will bring your lamb, salads and potatoes to life! This shaker is super versatile and can bring a bit of the Mediterranean to your cooking. Think mint, garlic, oregano and a secret zesty ingredient…Sumac.

Add this amazing blend to change any meal from bland to grand. Our spice blends have no nasties so shake them on anything, especially great on meat on the BBQ.
Mingle's Greek Garlic Lovers Seasoning is:

Free from Added Sugar
Lower in Sodium *compared to mass-market offerings
Preservative Free
Full of only all-natural Ingredients
Vegan Friendly