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Mullein Garlic Ear Oil (x 1 unit) MGEO

$24.95 RRP

Mullein flowers have demonstrated antiviral actions as well as being successful in reducing inflammation, softening earwax, stimulating circulation in the ear, and acting as an anodyne to auditory nerves easing irritation and pain in the ear. We combine this remarkable flower with the antimicrobial power of fresh garlic. We extract the medicinal properties of these herbs with organic extra virgin olive oil and add natural vitamin E oil. The combination of these ingredients allow for a wide spectrum of ear problems to be addressed. It may also be used as a preventative for infants, children, or adults prone to chronic ear infections. The oil is a great accompaniment to ear candling. Use of the oil prior to candling softens earwax making the candles more effective. Furthermore, the oil can also be used topically on fungal infections of the skin and ring worm. Our ear oil is gentle enough to be used on children and animals.