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Presious Super Gentle Vegan Fabric Softener 1.5lt (x 1 unit) EUCAVFS15 Z

$24.00 RRP

Presious Fabric Softener —the purest and gentlest laundry Conditioner you will find. Made from soothing pure vanilla and the finest all-natural ingredients that your skin will love.
against microbes by delivering antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
Be rest assured Presious is all-natural, vegan, organic and 100% Australian made and owned.
?Pure vanilla
?Super gentle formula developed for ultra sensitive skin (such as newborns and allergy sufferers)
?pH balanced in the same range as your skin
?Formula suited for all ages
?Biodegradable ingredients
?Safe for the environment
?100% Australian made
?100% recyclable packaging
?100% soluble (no fillers)